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We are happy to work with a network of quality partner-distributors to whom we express our gratitude because it is you who allow us to continually progress.

You will find here all the marketing support for your communication:

  • catalogues
  • HD photos (lamps, fixtures, logo, badges…)
  • individual data sheets
  • CE certificate of conformity
  • RoHS certificate
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • User manuals
  • Particularity of our LED lamps
  • A training summary
  • Our environmental charter

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+33 4 42 92 89 76

Order Management:
Caroline Boucher

After-sales service:
Adeline Helle

Sales department:
Luiji Chaniet: +33 6 20 409 409
Sophie Charron: +33 6 34 21 27 00

Caroline Boucher: General Manager
Sophie Charron Azenstarck: President


Catalogue 2023

Products datasheets & pictures

Bella datasheet
Bella pictures
Carla datasheet
Carla pictures
Bella Lumax datasheet
Bella Lumax pictures
Carla Focus datasheet
Carla Focus pictures
Diana datasheet
Diana pictures
Floraled datasheet
Floraled pictures
Hepta datasheet
Hepta pictures
Hydra datasheet
Hydra pictures
Julia datasheet
Julia pictures
Lina datasheet
Lina pictures
Lisa datasheet
Lisa pictures
Thera Duo datasheet
Thera Duo pictures
Thera datasheet
Thera pictures
Tina datasheet
Tina pictures
Vera datasheet
Vera pictures
Wood datasheet
Wood pictures
fixation 6 équerre murale
Fittings datasheet

User manuals

Bellon user manual
Infrared user manual
Examination lamps user manual
De Wood lamp user manual
Trolley base user manual

Miscellaneous documents

Terms of Sales
Environmental charter
UE declaration of conformity
ISO 9001
Particularity of LiD led lamps