Our range of mounting accessories

To help your lamp become a true lighting assistant, efficient and discreet, we offer various mountings to minimize the footprint used.

  • telescopic wheeled trolley bases, for easy manoeuvrability and flexibility in using your light
  • wall supports to reduce the floor space used
  • various clamps and bases for using the lights on tables, chairs, sofas, or rails.


Telescopic trolley bases

Plastic tray for trolley bases


Simple clamp

Universal clamp

Clamp for medical rail

Clamp for magnifying lamp

Wall mounts

Wall bracket

Wall bracket medical lamp

Articulated arm

Articulated arm N°7

Wall bracket arm

Wall bracket arm

Wall bracket for magnifying lamp

Wall bracket medical lamp

For laboratory benchtops and wheeledchariot

Articulated arm

Articulated arm

Bases and special adapters

Heavy base

Adapter plate

Adapter plate

Adapter plate on a 40 cm arm

Adaptation plate male for LID lamp on other fitting

Adaptation plate female for other lamps on LID fitting

The adapters are fully compatible with the clamps