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Medical lamp for general practitioner, general medicine

In general practice, the quality and choice of lighting is essential because the doctor (with his extremely versatile medical knowledge) must be able to diagnose and treat all kinds of pathologies on a wide range of patients (babies, adolescents, adults, the elderly).

The examination lamp, LED or halogen, must allow the practitioner to carry out primary care but also gynaecological, paediatrics, minor surgery such as sutures, epidermal, ENT, cardiac…

The hepta LED LID examination lamp with dimmer is the most versatile lamp for use in general medicine.


LED Julia

Examination lamp with a unique “Smiley” design having a bulb with a tight focus of 10° for detailed examinations, and another with a wider beam of 36° for more general ones.


Magnifying LED lamp Vera

The key tool for any analysis that requires the highest precision and detail. A LED powered circular magnifying lamp with a 12 cm diameter 2.25 X ( 5 dioptres).


Halogen Diana

A very versatile halogen examination lamp, powerful with excellent handling characteristics thanks to its ergonomic handle


Halogen Tina

A compact halogen examination lamp, solid and highly manoeuvrable due to a swivel joint that allows the user to rotate and tilt the head accurately with one hand.


LED Carla (25°)

A compact “water-drop” shaped head enhances ease of use in multiple situations whilst reducing hindrance.


LED Hepta

Professional examination lamp with a timeless design that combines power, solidity, and versatility for heavy use. With a tough flexible neck and an ergonomic handle, it can be positioned as required and fulfils all the needs of medical lighting.