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Medical lamp for laboratory
The examination and analysis of haematology samples requires bright, powerful, glare-free and homogeneously diffused illumination over a wide area.

In this field where part of the examination is done with the naked eye and through a microscope, detail is essential, the lighting must be comfortable and must not produce any micro flicker so as not to alter the concentration and analysis of the haematologist. More than ever, an optimal CRI (95/100) will make it possible not to degrade colours during cytological examinations for example.

The LED LID lamps do not produce any heat release and have no action on reagents or liquid storage temperatures.


LED Lina

A LED lamp with a sleek slender design made of a silent and durable flexible neck leading to the profiled aluminium head (500 mm by 25 mm) with 12 high-power LED and a protective window.


LED Floraled

This LED light illuminates a large area with a bright soft light. Its tiltable head allows to easily direct the light and avoid glare.