All LED lamps

Due to their low energy usage, low heat output, good colour rendering, and exceptional luminous efficiency, LED lights have become the main form of artificial lighting in care units today. For our lights, we have selected high-performance LEDs (130–140 lumens/Watt) with colour temperatures (4500 Kelvin or “neutral white”) that are visually comfortable and do not alter tones under their light.

We do not use ordinary LED light bulbs, whose specifications render them inadequate for technical uses such as for surgery or dermatology.

The LEDs we use are soldered onto a printed circuit board that is efficiently cooled by a heat sink. Like this a minimum working life of 50,000 hours, or around 25 years of intensive use is achievable.

Our recommendations by specialty


LED Bella

A powerful lamp on a very robust flexible arm appreciated by specialists who wish to perform small interventions in their practice, and who need skin and tissue tone rendered accurately. The ergonomic handle enables precise and intuitive positioning.


LED Bellon plafond

Lamp will meet the needs of the most demanding practitioners who require superior, powerful lighting for all types of diagnosis and treatment


LED Bellon

Lamp will meet the needs of the most demanding practitioners who require superior, powerful lighting for all types of diagnosis and treatment


LED Bella lumax

Maximum power with the size of an examination lamp. All the advantages of a surgical lamp with a minimum of space used.


LED Hepta

Professional examination lamp with a timeless design that combines power, solidity, and versatility for heavy use. With a tough flexible neck and an ergonomic handle, it can be positioned as required and fulfils all the needs of medical lighting.


LED Carla (25°)

A compact “water-drop” shaped head enhances ease of use in multiple situations whilst reducing hindrance.


LED Carla focus (10°)

A very compact and solid examination lamp that offers a focused beam (10° width) of 4500 K white light (neutral white) for the accurate rendering of different illuminated skin or tissue tones.


LED Hydra

Unique, this new special “beauty care” lamp model allows the user to position the two lamps on either side of their hands, this avoids the production of shadows that occur when using only one light source.


Magnifying LED lamp Vera

The key tool for any analysis that requires the highest precision and detail. A LED powered circular magnifying lamp with a 12 cm diameter 2.25 X ( 5 dioptres).


LED Floraled

This LED light illuminates a large area with a bright soft light. Its tiltable head allows to easily direct the light and avoid glare.


LED Lina

A LED lamp with a sleek slender design made of a silent and durable flexible neck leading to the profiled aluminium head (500 mm by 25 mm) with 12 high-power LED and a protective window.


LED Lisa

LED reading lamp with a corded remote switch popular for use at home, or in patients’ rooms in care homes and nursing homes.


LED Julia

Examination lamp with a unique “Smiley” design having a bulb with a tight focus of 10° for detailed examinations, and another with a wider beam of 36° for more general ones.