How to choose your lamp?

Some lightings concepts
to help you choose your lamp

Watts: The electrical energy consumed by a lamp in use.

Lumens: A measure of the total amount of light produced by a light source.
Lux : A measure of the amount of light received by a lit surface at a defined distance.
CRI (Colour Rendering Index): The ability of a light source to reveal the natural colours of a lit object faithfull.
°Kelvin: A measure of the colour temperature of a light source. (3000 K warm white, 4500 K neutral white, 6000 K blue or cool white)

Select the type of lighting


Economical due to low power usage and no bulb to change (minimum working life of 50,000 hours), no heat output, “unlimited” number of on/off cycles.
Excellent luminous efficacy (lumen per watt).


Economical to buy, excellent colour rendering (CRI 100/100), warm colour temperature, but high heat output and power use.
Low luminous efficacy (lumen per watt).


Uniform heating light.


Ultraviolet diagnostic light (black light).

homogeneous light medical lamp

Customize your lamp

For many of our lamps you can choose different flexible arm lengths, the colour (black or white) and the switch type (on/off, dimmer, or “contactless”).

Greater ease of use and hygiene with a contactless switch

Greater ease of use and hygiene with a contactless switch

Turn the lamp on or off by moving your hand within 3 cm of the switch sensor.
Medical hygiene requirements are met by reducing the risks of infection by cross-contamination.

Choose your mounting

We offer a large choice of different mounting types (wall mounts, mobile stands, to place on or attach to furniture or a couch) to suit how and where you will use the lamp