All lamps

LED lamps

Due to their low energy usage, low heat output, good colour rendering, and exceptional luminous efficiency, LED lights have become the main form of artificial lighting in care units today. For our lights, we have selected high-performance LEDs (130–140 lumens/Watt) with colour temperatures (4500 Kelvin or “neutral white”) that are visually comfortable and do not alter tones under their light.
We do not use ordinary LED light bulbs, whose specifications render them inadequate for technical uses such as for surgery or dermatology. The LEDs we use are soldered onto a printed circuit board that is efficiently cooled by a heat sink. Like this a minimum working life of 50,000 hours, or around 25 years of intensive use is achievable.

Halogen lamps

Halogen lamps offer one of the best colour renderings (IRC 100/100) of all light types, and good performance at a reasonable price. We equip our lights of this range with high-quality bulbs and keep plenty of replacements in stock.
The disadvantage of halogens is that they are more expensive to use and give off a lot of heat.

Infrared lamps

Because of their safe and natural operation, infrared lamps, or heating lamps, are used in physiotherapy, osteopathy, and massage centres to aid post-exercise recovery, stimulate blood flow, brings well being and eliminate toxins.

Wood LAMP (black light)

A Wood’s lamp is a diagnostic tool that emits ultraviolet light used in many fields.
In dermatology, it is used to examine the skin of patients to detect several types of problems. It is particularly useful for diagnosing erythrasma, fungal infections of the skin, pigmented lesions, bacterial skin infections, as well as pigmentation problems (e.g. vitiligo), melanomas, dermatoses…
This portable light is lightweight and easy to use. The power connector incorporates an electronic ballast.