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The french quality

“Hand-made in France”: a social and environmental commitment. LID lamps are hand-made in our workshops in the south of France. Our watchwords: Excellence, precision and durability.

Certifications, standards and guarantee

We are ISO 9001 certified and work in accordance with the Standards and Directives of the European Union. Our products are Medical Devices Class I that we guarantee for 3 years.

Environmental responsibility

LID lamps fit perfectly into the current research for sustainable products with low environmental impact: the materials are noble and facilitate recycling.

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New 2 beams lamp 10° and 25° – JULIA LED

23 November 2020|

A "Smiley" lamp with a modern and unique design. It has two powerful light beams (10° and 25°) that can be alternately activated via a two-position switch. The 10° beam provides a powerful, concentrated [...]

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