Our expertise

Good lighting is a prerequisite for any medical activity

We hope to supply you with a real lighting assistant that is more than a simple lamp. Our lamps are the result of blending exceptional quality, a refined modern design, and a powerful, precise beam.

Balanced and uniform light

We have chosen Osram high performance LED with a “neutral white” colour temperature (4500° K) and ex-cellent colour rendering (CRI = 95). They are optimally suited for the operational requirements of hospitals and medical centres. The working area is uniformly lit thanks to specially picked lenses.

The uniform light level and the lack of micro-flickering enable extended daily use without glare (a cause of eye strain and headaches) providing the user with optimal visual comfort.

homogeneous light medical lamp

High quality materials

The design of, and the materials used in LID lamps satisfy the hygiene requirements of medical equipment for cleaning and disinfection.

Practical mountings

Whether wall-mounted, mobile or fixed on a couch, we have mountings adapted for each usage and practice layout