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Medical lamp for podolgue, podiatry

In podiatry, as with any other examination that requires a great deal of precision, the choice and quality of the lighting is of paramount importance.

The podiatrist will thus have to be equipped with a powerful light (Hepta or Bella) restoring a homogeneous and precise lighting, associated with a colour temperature of 4500°K (neutral white) for a perfect rendering of the colours of the skin, the nails or the haematomas under the nail.

A 10° focal length will allow the chiropodist to benefit from a very important light flow on a reduced illuminated diameter: ideal for treating hyperkeratoses (calluses and corns) or plantar warts, fungus and ingrown nails.


LED Julia

Examination lamp with a unique “Smiley” design having a bulb with a tight focus of 10° for detailed examinations, and another with a wider beam of 36° for more general ones.


LED Carla focus (10°)

A very compact and solid examination lamp that offers a focused beam (10° width) of 4500 K white light (neutral white) for the accurate rendering of different illuminated skin or tissue tones.


LED Carla (25°)

A compact “water-drop” shaped head enhances ease of use in multiple situations whilst reducing hindrance.


LED Hepta

Professional examination lamp with a timeless design that combines power, solidity, and versatility for heavy use. With a tough flexible neck and an ergonomic handle, it can be positioned as required and fulfils all the needs of medical lighting.