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Medical lamp for gynecologist and gynecology

Recognized by gynaecologists, our range of white and energizing 4500°K cold-light LED examination lamps (DM class I) offers a faithful rendering of the different shades of colour (CRI 95/100) of the illuminated tissues: Vulva, mucous membrane of the vaginal wall, cervix… without any heat source for maximum comfort of your patients.

The very compact Carla Focus model with 100 or 123 cm flexible arm (the longest on the market) allows you to work over/under the shoulder and thus to have a direct focused illumination (even with a colposcope) without being hindered by the location of the lamp.

For examinations requiring more light, such as episiotomies, the Hepta model with dimmer is ideal.


LED Julia

Examination lamp with a unique “Smiley” design having a bulb with a tight focus of 10° for detailed examinations, and another with a wider beam of 36° for more general ones.


LED Carla focus (10°)

A very compact and solid examination lamp that offers a focused beam (10° width) of 4500 K white light (neutral white) for the accurate rendering of different illuminated skin or tissue tones.