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Medical lamp for aesthetics

Partner of plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists for many years, LID lamps have been able to adapt to the evolution of aesthetic practices by offering highly technical lighting, specific to meticulous and precise acts.

Whatever the type of intervention in plastic, aesthetic or reconstructive surgery, for hair implants or facial care, the high-end intervention lamps LID (Bella/ Bella Lumax/ Bellon) will be able to assist you with very localized and precise lighting (10° beam) and very important “light impacts”.

The Hydra bi-headed aesthetic lamp, allows you to recreate a shadow free effect.


LED Floraled

This LED light illuminates a large area with a bright soft light. Its tiltable head allows to easily direct the light and avoid glare.


LED Hydra

Unique, this new special “beauty care” lamp model allows the user to position the two lamps on either side of their hands, this avoids the production of shadows that occur when using only one light source.


LED Bella

A powerful lamp on a very robust flexible arm appreciated by specialists who wish to perform small interventions in their practice, and who need skin and tissue tone rendered accurately. The ergonomic handle enables precise and intuitive positioning.