LED Hydra

Unique, this new special “beauty care” lamp model allows the user to position the two lamps on either side of their hands, this avoids the production of shadows that occur when using only one light source.

Our Hydra lamp produces an scialitycal effect locally allowing minute work to be performed without shadows.

The lamp heads are mounted on two individually positionable flexible arms. A larger flexible arm connects the head unit to the base, providing support and manoeuvrability for ease of use.

  • Medical device class 1

Light intensity 420 Lumens* X 2
Colour of temperature 4500°K* (neutral white)
Colour rendering indexCRI 95/100
Electric consumption6.5 Watts

Ideal in cosmetic surgery and beauty care for treating the face, scalp, for mesotherapy, hair implants, tattooing, etc.

  • LED life span: 50 000 h minimum
  • Electrical protection: insulation class II
  • Standards: IEC 60 601 -1/ -2-41 IEC 60 598-2-25
  • Power cable length: 3 meters
  • Suggested colors: white and black
  • Head dimensions: 6 x 10 cm
  • Flexxible arm: 100 cm + 2 x 25 cm

Lux * Beam 25° Distance Illuminated diameter
20 000 30cm 15cm
7 000 50cm 25cm
1 700 100cm 35cm

* Values accurate within +/- 10 %

French made
Handmade design and manufacturing