THERA DUO for physiotherapist infrared lamp
THERA DUO for physiotherapist infrared lamp light

Infrared Thera duo

A two headed heating lamp with two 250 W bulbs, on two 50 cm long goosenecks that are very durable and silent. A session can be performed in half the time
on two different zones (neck/shoulders – neck/back – the two thighs, etc.) with better heat distribution than with one lamp, or one treatment zone can be treated more intensely (500 W) with careful placing of the two heads.

Can also be used to act on all sides of a muscle group (e.g.: Biceps femoris, rectus femoris, vastus lateralis…). Needing only a single plug, the Thera Duo is functionally mobile with a small footprint.

  • Medical device class 1

IR bulb 87115005

Ideal for sports physiotherapy

thera duo infrared lamp for sport specialty kine
  • Wavelength: 1200 nm

  • Electric consumption: 250 Watts X 2

  • IR (E27) bulb llife span: 5000 h minimum

  • Electrical protection: insulation class I

  • Standards: IEC 60 601 -1/ -2-41 IEC 60 598-2-25
  • Power cable length: 4 meters

  • Suggested colors: white

  • Head dimensions: Diam 26 cm

  • Flexible arm: 2 x 50cm

French made
Handmade design and manufacturing