Project Description

Halogen Tina

LID quality available for all!
Our iconic lamp with the recognizable “ribbed” design created in 1995.
A compact halogen examination lamp, solid and highly manoeuvrable due to a swivel joint that allows the user to rotate and tilt the head accurately with one hand.

  • Medical device class 1

Light intensity 300 Lumens*
Colour of temperature 3000°K (warm white)
Colour rendering index CRI 100/100
CElectric consumption 20 Watts

Ideal as an examination lamp for nurses and for general medical use

Julia dermatology medical lamp
  • Bulb life span: 5 000 h minimum

  • Dichroic source 12V/20W Osram GU 5.3 Decostar ES Sp 10° high performance (with UV filter)

  • Electrical protection: insulation class II
  • Standards: IEC 60 601 -1/ -2-41 IEC 60 598-2-25
  • Power cable length: 3 meters
  • Suggested colors: white and black
  • Head dimensions: 7 x 7 cm
  • Flexible arm: 65 cm or 100 cm

Lux * Beam 10° Distance Illuminated diameter
50 000 30cm 5cm
23 000 50cm 10cm
6 000 100cm 20cm

* Values accurate within +/- 10 %

French made
Handmade design and manufacturing

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Interrupteur classique

Interrupteur classique

Interrupteur sans contact

Interrupteur sans contact

On/off Switch Contactless switch
Flexible 65 cm HTI00651 HTI00651-ISC
Flexible 100 cm HTI01001 HTI01001-ISC
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